THI Projects

Govan Cross THI would love to repair and restore every historic building in central Govan, however it simply isn’t possible. Therefore, in order to make best use of the available funds, we had to determine what buildings should be prioritised for grant funding during the two phases of the THI.

Together with our funders we identified a range of traditional buildings, heritage structures, shopfronts and public spaces within Govan Conservation Area that needed investment. These were chosen according to their architectural significance, level of need, deliverability and wider social & economic impacts. They are concentrated around Govan Cross, the historic heart of Govan, in order to maximise impact. We call these our ‘Priority Projects’. They are:

Traditional Shopfront Improvement Grant Scheme

The Traditional Shopfront Improvement Grant Scheme (TSIG) is another important aspect of the THI programme and an incredibly exciting opportunity to really improve the appearance and prosperity of the shops and streets of central Govan. The TSIG Scheme offers grant to shop … Continued

Govan War Memorial

Complementing the improvements taking place to the streets and spaces at the Pearce Institute and the entrance to Govan Old, the Govan War Memorial has undergone conservation repair.  Works to clean the bronze plaque, repoint the memorial, realign the lion … Continued

883 (881-887) Govan Road

This fabulous category B listed ‘Glasgow style’ tenement makes an impressive contribution to the historic streetscape on Govan Road. The red sandstone building was built in 1900 and designed by Frank, Burnet and Boston. The building is now in poor … Continued

Former Hills Trust School

Situated on Golspie Street, the former Hill’s Trust School was built in 1874 and designed by the architect James Thomson of Baird and Thomson. Having lain vacant for a number of years, Elderpark Housing Association are now converting this B … Continued

Pre-1919 Tenements

The traditional tenements that define Govan’s historic core are a key feature of the conservation area. As with many pre-1919 tenements across Glasgow, the THI building condition survey identified many tenements in Govan displaying instances of failing linostone repair, crumbling … Continued

Public Space Improvements – Phase 3

Here comes the third, and probably final, phase of major public space improvements at Govan Cross. This time it’s the streets and spaces at the Pearce Institute, the entrance to Govan Old, the gushet with the Sir William Pearce Statue, … Continued

Public Realm Improvements – Phase 1

On 1st June 2011 an opening ceremony took place to celebrate the completion of the first stage of public realm Improvements at Govan Cross. The works were carried out as part of Central Govan Action Plan alongside similar improvement work … Continued

The Pearce Institute

The Pearce Institute (known locally as the PI) is one of the most important buildings in Govan and its repair and restoration was one of the top priorities of Govan Cross Townscape Heritage Initiative. Designed by Sir Rowand Anderson and completed … Continued

1 Water Row

Number 1 Water Row is an important, A-listed, red sandstone tenement building that occupies a prominent site on Govan Cross at the corner of Water Row and Govan Road. It was designed in 1899 by James Salmon & Son and … Continued

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