Central Govan Action Plan

Welcome to the Central Govan Action Plan (CGAP), a community-led, investment and development framework guiding the physical regeneration of Central Govan. Everyone involved in CGAP is passionate about shaping Central Govan’s future. Our aim is to make Central Govan attractive, vibrant and prosperous, a place where people choose to live, work, visit and invest.

It’s all about people

Between 2006 and 2022, the Central Govan Action Plan aims to transform Govan’s streets, buildings and greenspace by making more than £120 million of investment. Each improvement and investment has one big goal – to attract more people to Govan. By making Central Govan a more desirable place to live, work and visit, we aim to start an upward spiral of improvement and regeneration that will result in everyone in Govan enjoying a better quality of life.

Govan’s got talent

Govan is well placed to have a thriving future thanks to its rich history, exceptional architecture, waterfront location and resilient community. The investment made through the Central Govan Action Plan aims to let Govan capitalize on these unique assets and, in turn, benefit from the many economic and social opportunities offered by nearby growth areas, including plans for the Glasgow Riverside Innovation District (GRID) encompassing Glasgow University, the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and Digital Media Quarter at Pacific Quay, and a world class cultural cluster including the Riverside Museum, the SEC/Hydro alongside our very own Govan Old and Fairfield. By improving the physical environment, the Action Plan aims to address many of the factors that have held Govan back from achieving its true potential and success, factors like depopulation, vacant land and derelict buildings.

Central Govan is changing

Investment made through the Central Govan Action Plan, and its partner Govan Cross Townscape Heritage Initiative, is already breathing new life into Govan town centre.

Contemporary new homes now stand on land that was previously derelict, bringing thousands of new residents to share Govan’s streets and spaces. Shops and services in the town centre are experiencing a welcome spending boost as a result, and new shops and cafes are starting to appear on the high street.

The area’s exceptional historic buildings, including the Pearce Institute, the former police station at Orkney Street, the Fairfield Shipyard Offices and the former Govan Old Parish Church, are being lovingly restored and given new uses that contribute to the economic and social vitality of the Govan community.

Govan Cross is now a stylish, civic space that complements the outstanding historic buildings found there and creates a real sense of arrival for residents and visitors. The beautifully restored Aitken Memorial Fountain stands proudly again at the head of Water Row as a beacon of Govan’s ongoing regeneration. Down on the waterfront, newly installed pontoons have facilitated the return of the Govan Ferry after an absence of 40 years, re-connecting Govan to the Riverside Museum and the spending power of the thousands of people who visit there each year. Art features to surprise and delight have been woven into the public space improvements, and an ambitious programme of traditional shop front improvements is underway to boost the appeal, offer and prosperity of Govan as a shopping destination.

Hundreds of employment outcomes had been generated from CGAP & GCTHI contracts, and these continue to grow with the advent of Govan Jobs Match, a partnership approach to maximising employment in Govan through all businesses and contracts in the area.

Yes, Govan certainly feels like a place that is changing; a historic, riverside community that is on the up and has lots to offer.

Get into Govan

Since launching the CGAP programme in 2006, big inroads have been made into Central Govan’s regeneration.  Visit ‘About CGAP’ to find out exactly what we set out to achieve back in 2006 and how we planned to do it. Use the rest of the site to catch up on the huge progress achieved since the launch of the Action Plan, our future plans and different ways for you to get involved.

Yes, you. Go on, get into Govan!