About CGAP

The seeds of CGAP were sown back in the early 2000s, when members of the Govan community, frustrated by the decline and continued stagnation of Govan Town Centre, formed a partnership with each other and Glasgow City Council to prepare an action plan for the regeneration of Central Govan.

The initial stakeholder group, including local residents, elected members, local organisations and public agencies, formed a Steering Group. They successfully managed the production of the Central Govan Action Plan, achieving a launch in summer 2006. The Steering Group has subsequently presided over an intricate and growing network of partnerships that have developed to implement the multi-million pound plan. The initial grass roots approach that married local residents’ knowledge with professional expertise is still a defining characteristic of CGAP today.

CGAP – one minute rough guide

Don’t have time to read the original plan or the bite sized version? Then here is our very own ‘one minute rough guide’ to CGAP’s bid to make Central Govan attractive, vibrant and prosperous. We will:

  • Build new housing for rent and sale on derelict land to increase the population and housing choice and to create a distinct, cohesive and attractive urban form;
  • Improve the roads, pathways and transport connections to improve accessibility and movement within Govan town centre and to the city and river beyond – connecting people with place;
  • Improve the shopfronts in order to promote the unique character and attractiveness of Govan as a shopping and service area, and to stimulate niche ‘destination’ retail that will complement every-day goods shopping;
  • Restore and reuse historic buildings in order to preserve the architectural legacy that determines Govan’s unique character and to offer new uses that contribute to the economic and social vitality of the Govan community;
  • Improve the quality of public space in order to create a distinct, stylish and desirable urban environment and attract new residents, visitors and businesses;
  • Create high quality green space and desirable community facilities in order to improve both the attractiveness and amenity of Govan and to provide places for people to enjoy, have fun and that feel good;
  • Generate employment opportunities from all investment and involve local residents in the regeneration plans and progress.

CGAP today

The name ‘Central Govan Action Plan’ has come to represent much more than the original plan. CGAP has become a governance, partnership and investment structure that directly manages around £4 million of public funds and has acted as a framework for more than £88 million of investment. With the advent of major infrastructure funding from Glasgow City Council City Deal and Housing Investment, there is currently a  significant regeneration investment being targeted for Govan.


The CGAP structure is headed by a Steering Group of local residents, elected members, community organisations and public agencies, including Glasgow City Council as lead partner. The Steering Group is a consultative, lobbying and decision making structure that guides the implementation of the Action Plan. It sets an annual investment plan and meets four times a year to review progress.

An Executive Group of Council officers supports the Steering Group in order to appraise and approve all funding applications.

A small team manages both the Central Govan Action Plan and Govan Cross Townscape Heritage Initiative on a day to day basis. The CGAP/GCTHI Team is based at Orkney Street Enterprise Centre, 18 Orkney Street, Govan, G51 2BX, 0141 274 3217.


An extensive partnership structure has developed to implement the many Action Plan recommendations. The structure brings together a multitude of people and organisations to deliver one single vision – an attractive,vibrant and prosperous Govan. Govan has a particularly rich network of residents and professionals working together to regenerate the area. Collectively they offer a set of skills, expertise and local knowledge that no one organisation or individual working on their own could achieve. You will see the breadth and number of people and organisations involved in implementing CGAP by visiting our project pages.

Award winning

In 2014, CGAP won the RTPI Silver Jubilee Cup, the British Planning Profession’s most prestigious award. The judges praised the “life changing investment, which is not only transforming Govan, it is also raising the quality of life and instilling a sense of positive change in a community and place that had been in decline for the last 60 years or more. CGAP’s excellence lies in a genuine, grassroots community response to regeneration challenges, the impressive scale and scope of work to date despite resource restrictions and its proven ability to bring together public, private and third sectors to respond innovatively to local needs while engendering a sense of ownership, confidence and pride in the community”.

In 2014, the Central Govan Action Plan won a Scottish Government “Excellence in Planning Award” for Community Regeneration.

In 2010, the Central Govan Action Plan was HIGHLY COMMENDED in the Scottish Urban Regeneration Forum Awards for excellence in partnership working and community regeneration.