Investment Success

With over £88 million pounds invested in Central Govan since the Action Plan’s launch in 2006, the CGAP Partnership, including Govan Cross Townscape Heritage Initiative, has achieved tremendous investment success.

Funding is raised on a project by project basis, with success relying on the lead partner agency finding and securing the funds required. As the CGAP Partnership directly manages £4.2 million of grant investment and the Govan Cross Townscape Heritage Initiative around £2.7million, these funds are often used as the ‘anchor’ investment that attracts other funds.

Glasgow City Council is the largest single funder within the CGAP framework, although many types of funds have been sourced including Heritage Lottery, Historic Scotland, Scottish Government and European funds to name but a few.

Some of the desired investments are beyond the scope of our directly managed funds, and here our strategy has been to negotiate real benefits for Govan from mainstream funding programmes and city-wide projects – the decision, by Glasgow City Council, to align its Housing Investment Programme to Govan or the road reconfiguration we hope to realise through the implementation of the Fastlink Rapid Bus Route, are two prime examples.

This investment is transforming the look and feel of Govan, bringing long lasting economic and social benefits for residents and visitors alike.  You can view a summary of the investment to date here or use the project pages to access more detail about individual project costs and funding sources.

Planning & Investment Framework 2006-2016

Each year, the Central Govan Action Plan Steering Group sets a work plan that captures the range of physical regeneration activity being carried out in Govan by all partner agencies (including GCTHI) as well as the priorities for CGAP investment. The summary provided in the side bar as a download shows the projects and investment that are: complete, currently being implemented, reasonably expected as part of the future pipeline and, lastly, the dream projects that, due to funding constraints or market conditions, are on our wish list. You can get more information about individual projects – who’s involved, who funds them, what they cost – on the project pages for CGAP and GCTHI. Go on, get into Govan!