Pre-1919 Tenements

The traditional tenements that define Govan’s historic core are a key feature of the conservation area. As with many pre-1919 tenements across Glasgow, the THI building condition survey identified many tenements in Govan displaying instances of failing linostone repair, crumbling stone, structural masonry failure, faulty rainwater goods, as well as major building components such as roofs and windows coming to the end of their life.

The THI funded repair scheme will be targeted at the tenements that are highly visible in the conservation area around Elder Park and eligible works will be restricted to stone repair and replacement rainwater goods in the first instance.

Works will commence at a stretch of tenements in Langlands Road.

Key Facts

Status: Design Stage

Estimated Cost: £150,000

Timescale: Estimated 2019/2020

Funders: Govan Cross THI/CARS, Glasgow City Council, Heritage Lottery Fund, Historic Environment Scotland, Elderpark Housing Association, Private Owner Contributions

Project Team: MAST Architects, Reid Associates QS and PD, Frew Conservation Specialist Stone Consultant