THI Projects

Govan Cross THI would love to repair and restore every historic building in central Govan, however it simply isn’t possible. Therefore, in order to make best use of the available funds, we had to determine what buildings should be prioritised for grant funding during the two phases of the THI.

Together with our funders we identified a range of traditional buildings, heritage structures, shopfronts and public spaces within Govan Conservation Area that needed investment. These were chosen according to their architectural significance, level of need, deliverability and wider social & economic impacts. They are concentrated around Govan Cross, the historic heart of Govan, in order to maximise impact. We call these our ‘Priority Projects’. They are:

Govan Book of Memories

The Govan Book of Memories will be an interactive, involving and completely unique document, telling the significant, the forgotten and the inspiring memories of Govan. It will show off the local secrets and stories that make Govan a place to … Continued

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