THI Phase 2 Shopfronts 2016 – 2022

Following on the successes of previous years, a second five-year programme of shopfront improvements is underway now in Govan. Funded as part of Govan Cross THI, works are being delivered in three phases using a budget of £850,000 allowing for even more improvements to shopfronts throughout Govan.

10 shops have already been transformed on Govan Road and works commence in May 21 along a continuous sweep of 16 shopfronts on Burleigh Street and Harmony Row. This is the first time that a complete row of shopfronts will be improved, which will physically transform the street and elevate it to reflect Govan’s rich history, as well as delivering economic and social benefits to Govan Shopfronts.

Information about the conservation-accredited restoration works, interesting discoveries made along the way and some stunning before and after images can be found with our October 2020 and April 2021 Newsletters.

A smaller batch of improvements is also planned before 2022 – watch this space!

Key Facts

Status: Active

Phase 1 – 10 shops on Govan Road and Elder Street Start: June 20. Complete: May 2021.

Phase 2 – 16 shops on Burleigh Street and Harmony Row. Start: May 21. Complete: December 21.

Phase 3 – Invitations to Register TBC

Grant Budget: £850,000

Timescale: October 2017 – March 2022.

Funders: Heritage Lottery Fund, Historic Environment Scotland, Glasgow City Council, Private Owner contributions, Scottish Government Clyde Mission Fund.

Project Lead: Govan Cross THI Team

Project Teams:

Phase 1: Govan HA, ZM Architects, BSL Interiors

Phase 2: Wheatley Group/Glasgow HA, John Gilbert Architects, Elmwood Projects