Park Court Housing

The desirable Park Court housing development provides a varied selection of family homes, including highly prized detached and terraced housing, cottage flats and contemporary three and four storey flatted accommodation. The striking full length glazed windows of the development’s feature flatted block have become a new local landmark looking out over the entrance way to Langlands Path at the corner of Golspie Street.

Built on the site of the former swimming baths and Gladstone Memorial Institute at Harhill Street, the housing development provides 109 homes in total and offers an affordable mix of housing for sale(33), rent(62) and shared equity(14). Despite coming off-site in the midst of the deepest recession in recent times, the homes for sale quickly sold out, with many first time buyers taking advantage of Cruden Homes ‘Unique Property Solutions’ scheme to secure affordable mortage finance.

This prime development was led by Elderpark Housing Association as part Central Govan Action Plan. The housing includes homes built to wheelchair and amenity standards. All units achieve the minimum ‘Housing for Varying Needs’ standards and have a high energy efficient rating.

The development recieved a commendation at the Herald Property Awards 2011 in recognition of the exceptionally high design standards and quality achieved. The whole neighbourhood has become one of Govan’s most popular places to stay.

Key Facts

Status:  Complete

Cost:  £14.6 million

Timescale:  April 2009-January 2011

Funders:  Glasgow City Council, Scottish Government.

Project Team: Elderpark Housing Association; MAST Architects; Reid Associates (Employers Agent/QS); Scott Wilson (SE); The Cruden Group (Contractor); SBA Safety Co-ordinators (CDM).

Awards:  Commendation at the Herald Property Awards 2011.