Let’s Talk Shop

Let’s Talk Shop is a creative learning project examining the heritage of Govan through its high street. The project was designed and delivered by Geraldine Greene for Govan Cross Townscape Heritage Initiative and is funded by Glasgow City Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

During the Autumn Term 2013, primary 7 pupils from schools across Central Govan participated in a series of creative learning workshops and field trips to learn about their local area and built environment. Focusing on the heart of Govan’s historic centre at Water Row and Govan Road, pupils from Pirie Park, Riverside, St.Constantine’s and St.Saviour’s Primary Schools explored the physical, social and cultural development of Govan in relation to its ‘high street’, shops and shopfront design.

Govan has developed as a settlement through many cycles of change. It enjoyed two periods of great prosperity in both the medieval and 19th century industrial periods, before enduring a catastrophic rupture and decline triggered by the end of shipbuilding on the Clyde.

This project looked at one of the methods being undertaken to arrest this decline through the regeneration and conservation of the area’s historic shopfronts and buildings. It aims to inspire local young people to think about how Govan can be made more attractive and prosperous in the future and to believe that it can happen.


Click below to see the exhibition of our “Let’s Talk Shop” project.