Community Ceramics Project

This is your chance to learn about the use of ceramics in traditional buildings and, even better, to try your hand at making your own tiles and mosaics. If things go to plan we may even be able to commission a unique tile design to be produced and installed in a shop entranceway or tenement close right here in Govan.

The project will be run through a series of workshops where you will learn about the art of ceramics and their use in traditional buildings. Particular attention will be paid to the use of ceramic tiles in Glasgow tenement closes, the “Wally Close”, and of mosaics in shop entranceways although the general use of ceramics in buildings here and around the world will be touched upon. If you look closely at the traditional shops in Govan, you’ll find that some mosaic entranceways still exist alongside the fading remnants of others and many tenement closes and buildings still have original decorative tiles and glazed bricks.

Like the sound of this? Then click on our Get Involved page for more information as and when it becomes available. This project will be free to all participants.

We expect to commission a ceramicist to lead this project by March 2014.The project will take place from April 2014 to June 2014.


Key Facts

Status: Upcoming project

Timescale: April – June 2014

Funders: Glasgow City Council and Heritage Lottery Fund

Project Team: To be confirmed