Great places to live in Govan

An overview of the CGAP Housing Programme.

Building new housing and improving the quality and desirability of the existing housing are the two actions that form the back bone of the Central Govan Action Plan. Together, these interventions are breathing new life into the town centre and attracting more people back to live in the community.

Elderpark Housing Association, Govan Housing Association and Clydeview Local Housing Partnership are playing leading roles in creating a desirable mix of accessible, energy efficient housing for rent and ownership. With cutting edge design, exceptional quality and innovative practice on show, it’s no wonder that the new housing and housing management practice in Govan is winning a rake of awards as a result.

Population Boost

Six out of the nine sites identified for new build housing in the Central Govan Action Plan have now been developed at a cost of £68 million. As a result, 508 new homes now stand on 4.8ha of land that was previously derelict, bringing cohesion to Govan’s urban form and, most importantly, boosting the local population by 1,800 people. Three important sites still remain to be developed: the Napier House site, the Hills Trust Primary School site and, the jewel in Govan’s crown, the Water Row site, which is earmarked for mixed use development including housing.

Desirable Neighbourhoods

It’s not just new build housing that is contributing to Govan’s renaissance. Improvement works and innovative housing management practice are also improving the quality of Govan’s existing housing and providing new opportunities to own a home. This is helping sustain the popularity of all of Govan’s neighbourhoods as well as increasing the size and diversity of the local population. Notable projects include the refurbishment of the tenement flats at 956 Govan Road, which helped boost the owner-occupied market in Govan, and the dramatic reduction in vacancy levels at Elderpark Street, a street where the traditional tenement housing has been reclaimed by the local community and is now a popular place to live. Glasgow Housing Association, through Clydeview Local Housing Organisation, has also completed £1.3 million of works to improve the external attractiveness and energy efficiency of the homes and environment at Govan’s Riverside Estate. This includes a major public art installation at Harland Way – go see it for yourself!

Sustainable Home Ownership

To support the aims of CGAP and ensure that home ownership is a sustainable choice for first time buyers entering the property market in Govan, leading Scottish housebuilder, Cruden Homes, launched its own innovative Unique Property Solutions Scheme (UPS). Developed in partnership with Govan and Elderpark Housing Associations, the scheme offers tailored support and advice to help buyers address the deposit funding and credit rating issues that can often be a barrier to securing a traditional mortgage. Winning Property Innovation of the Year at the 2011 Herald Property Awards, the UPS scheme has proven fundamental in achieving sustainable sales with households planning their long term future in Govan.

Recently Completed Housing Projects:

956-976 Govan Road (2008) 19 refurbished tenement flats for low cost sale and social rent

Pearce Street (2010) 27 new build amenity flats for older people

Riverside Edge (2010) 58 new build homes for social rent and low cost purchase

Govan Gateway (2011) 79 new build mixed tenure flats and houses

Parkcourt (2011) 109 new build houses and flats for social rent and low cost purchase

Parkview (2012) 102 new build flats for social rent and low cost purchase

Elderview (2012) 108 new build houses and flats for social rent and low cost purchase

Riverside Estate (2011) Exterior and environmental improvements, including public art

On site:

There are no housing projects currently on site.

Future Plans:

Hills Trust Primary School Site

Napier House Site

Water Row Site