Govan’s Famous Folk ‘Trumps’ Game

Hello, you’ve found the Govan Trumps game. Well done!

Govan Trumps is a deck of 53 playing cards featuring famous folk, strange public art, and the odd building from mighty Govan.

The cards are a fun way to learn about and celebrate some of the famous folk fae Govan, by using the classic ‘Trumps’ card game to pit characters of Govan against each other in a variety of categories. Who is more gallus, Mary Barbour or Sir Alex Ferguson? Who is older, the Govan Cat or the Govan Baby? Play and find out!

Govan Trumps was created by Govan Hidden Histories, a community project led by Artist and Doctoral Researcher Tara S Beal and funded, in part, by Govan Cross Townscape Heritage Initiative. Packs of cards are available in all Govan Primary and Secondary Schools as well as Elderpark Library. Click on the images on the right hand side of this page to view or download Govan Trumps and to find out more about this project.

The Govan Trumps cards are designed for young people from 9-13 years of age – or those, like us, who are just young at heart. We hope you find them both funny and informative, and that they lead you to discover more about Govan’s mighty and hidden histories!