Ceramic Project at the Portal – unleash your inner artist

The THI has launched an exciting new ceramics project in partnership with Plantation Productions and the Artist’s in Residence at The Portal. Participants will learn about the use of ceramics in traditional buildings, particularly the Govan and Glasgow traditions of tiled “Wally Closes” and mosaic shop entranceways. As well, as walking tours around Govan to discover what remains of Govan’s architectural ceramics, you’ll be able to design and make your own ceramic tiles. It is hoped that participants will also help the artists produce a new ceramic piece that will be installed in an existing shopfront in Govan. Two six week courses will run in the evening starting on Wed 21 May 2014 and Thursday 12 June 2014. There is still time to join either. A third course will run for pupils of Govan High School in the new school term. For more info – www.getintogovan.com, www.plantation.org.uk/air-space-ceramics-class/